Tuesday, September 9, 2008

David Brooks is An Ass

You didn't ask me, but I like to watch HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. Bill Maher makes me laugh.

But I know that Bill Maher is a comedian and a pundit. I know that he's not a theologian, not a philosopher, not an academic.
So I don't take him that seriously - I mean it's comedy, and it's HBO.

So why in the hell is David Brooks, purported serious columnist for The New York Times, calling on a very serious presidential candidate to attack Bill Maher?

That's right, Brooks in calling on Barack Obama to "attack" Bill Maher for calling Sarah Palin a "stewardess." Are you kidding me? This is a serious enough offense that a NY Times columnist calls for a personal "attack?" Beyond belief! And Brooks doesn't stop there, he also wants Obama to attack "the rest of the coastal condescenders" - whoever the hell they are.

I ask you, why on earth would any serious presidential candidate take time off from one of the most important campaigns in recent history to respond to a comedian?

And why would a "serious" columnist like Brooks waste space in The New York Times calling on Obama to make a personal "attack?" It's just insane!

If Brooks thinks calling for personal attacks is fodder for his column, why doesn't he call on John McCain to "attack" Giuliani and Palin for criticizing and demonizing the thousands of Community Organizers who help make this country a great place to live?

Why doesn't Brooks call on McCain to "attack" all those pompous, right-wing, bloviating talk-show hosts who malign Barack Obama on a daily basis and perpetuate lies about him .

I'll tell you why - David Brooks is an ass - pure and simple. He
doesn't seem troubled by the Rove-like Republican messengers who are savaging Barack Obama's faith and background, he only seems concerned about comedians like Maher who dare call Palin a "stewardess."

Brooks evidently likes to preach to others while remaining little interested in
confronting the real evil among his neo-con brothers and sisters.

Brooks is an ass.