Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin Pregnancy Prattle

UPDATE: This just in... Gov Palin's 17-yr-old daughter is five months pregnant

You didn't ask me, but I think all this blogosphere twittering that Gov Palin's pregnancy was a cover-up for her daughter's pregnancy is just Urban Legend.

Tell me how anyone thinks that spreading this rumor will help elect Barack Obama and guarantee a Democratic victory in November. Tell me how Daily Kos finds this worthy of their reporting?

I'll tell you. This type of rumor-mongering is beneath progressive values and eventually hurts us and takes the focus away from getting Obama elected.

I'm taking the pledge. I will no longer read about or comment on this "story."

If you want to inject biology & science into this election, then stick with the fact the Sarah Palin is a creationist and that she would have your kids taught that in their schools.

Now that's something to get worked up about!