Saturday, November 1, 2008


You didn't ask me, but I believe that voter turnout decides this election, nothing else.

If African Americans, Latinos, young people 18-22, single women living on their own, and new, first-time voters turn out in big numbers then I believe the next President will be Barack Obama.

So, no matter what, get out on Nov 4th and VOTE!

If you don't have means to get to the polling place, call you local Democratic precinct and get a ride. Just VOTE!

If lines are long, stand on them for however long it takes. Just VOTE!

If you are challenged, show ID, and just VOTE!

If you are challenged and given a hard time, ask for a paper or provisional ballot, and just VOTE!

If it rains, snows, sleets, ignore it and get your butts out there and just VOTE!

There are no more excuses. This election is too important for you to blow off.

Promise yourself that no matter what happens you will VOTE on Nov 4th.

Frankly, nothing else matters.