Friday, December 5, 2008

I'll Bet Hillary Can't Do This!

You didn't ask me, but I've always been impressed with Condoleeza Rice's myriad skills - too bad they were so terribly wasted working for a failed presidency.

And the #1 skill for me was her virtuoso piano talent.

So, I'm pretty sure Hillary won't be able to pull this off ... as reported in the U.K. Telegraph ...

"The outgoing US Secretary of State was accompanied by Louise Miliband, the wife of Foreign Secretary David Miliband, and three members of the London Symphony Orchestra in her performance of Brahms.

The stateswoman – who is a concert level pianist – was allowed to use a music room at the palace after expressing a wish to play for the Queen before leaving office at the end of the Bush administration in January.

The Queen listened to part of the performance, and afterward presented Miss Rice with an audio recording of the recital as a gift.

Miss Rice started playing the piano as a child and planned a career in music, originally enrolling at university to study the subject before switching to political science. At 15 she performed Mozart's Piano Concerto in D minor with the Denver Symphony Orchestra, as a prize for winning a student competition.

She was taught the instrument by her mother, who was a music teacher, and regularly performs private chamber music recitals with four friends, leading to her be described as the world's most prominent amateur musician."

Click here for a short video.

The picture at top is when Yo-Yo Ma received a National Medal of the Arts in 2002 and requested that Condoleezza Rice accompany him.

Hillary, you have big shoes to fill!