Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Times Scrapes Bottom in Hire of New Columnist

The New York Times has hired Ross G. Douthat, a 29-year-old conservative writer and editor at The Atlantic, as an Op-Ed columnist, nearly two months after ending the year-long run of another conservative columnist, William Kristol, officials at the paper said Wednesday.

The cashed-strapped Paper of Record writes that Mr. Douthat "steers away from partisanship — he frequently criticizes Republicans — or doctrine... On abortion, he said in an interview, “I’m sort of a squishy pro-lifer,” interested in finding areas of compromise."


Mr. Douthat is but a twenty-something version of the classic anti-choice white male masquerading as the new voice of compromise on the topic of abortion.

Yes, dear readers, Mr. Douthat has been anointed by the Times as their new conservative opinion columnist- eligible now to write upon it's hallowed pages, virtual and otherwise.

For those of you more interested in truth than self-promotion, here's what the Times left off it's little blurb about Ross...

Do you think this appointment will help drive legions of young people, particularly young women, flocking to the Op/Ed page of the Times?

Tell me I'm having a nightmare!