Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Apture: The Coolest App Ever

You didn't ask me, but I have a friend named Rory O'Connor who writes @ Media Is Plural.

Rory, author of "Shock Jocks, Hate Speech & Talk Radio," has been writing recently about emerging technologies, Web 2.0, and social media's impact on journalism, trust and credibility.

On his site today, Rory did the blogging world and other online sites with text content a major favor by writing about the new, FREE, application called Apture.

Apture is
a new communication platform that literally adds fresh dimensions and a web of information to previously two-dimensional posts.

How? Read Rory's post for all the information. And, if you write a blog or other online content, add Apture.

It adds unbelievable depth and context to your content.

This blog post is full of Apture aided references - just roll your mouse over the highlighted words.