Sunday, February 1, 2009

Intervention Needed Immediately

You didn't ask me, but I'm an avid tennis fan, and at one time was a pretty good player.

In the men's game I've been a big fan of Connors, McEnroe, Borg, Agassi, Sampras. etc. I like guys with big games and incredible skills and who can play on any surface.

In recent years I've been following Roger Federer. I've been in awe of his natural skills and his seeming march to tennis immortality.

But a big bump in the road appeared a few years ago on Mr Federer's journey - Rafa Nadal - the lefty from Mallorca who appears to be the albatross around Roger Dodger's neck.

I've suffered through Federer's close losses to Nadal, all the while thinking that Rafa is indeed the next big thing on the tennis horizon.

And I thought that what the hell, let Nadal own clay, I mean Sampras never won the French either.

Then Nadal won Wimbledon and I thought, well what the hell, Roger can't be beat on hard surfaces.

And then came the wee hours of this morning and Federer's painful-to-watch match against Nadal at the Australian Open. And boom, just like that (well 4 and 23 minutes worth anyway) Nadal now owns Federer on hard courts too.

So here it is - someone has to say it - Federer needs an intervention.

He needs both a coach and a therapist.

He needs a coach to tell him that he must change his game in order to beat Nadal. Roger can't stay the same and expect success in defeating this kid.

And he needs a therapist to help him deal with grief and loss.

I mean all this public crying is one thing when you win but looks a little pathetic when you lose, and your tear-filled runner-up comments are being broadcast around the world.

Roger, get a grip!

And get a coach.