Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gaza - “It has never been worse"

You didn't ask me, but I have two wonderful friends who work with UNICEF (The United Nations Children Fund).

They just co-authored a short article on the difficulties faced by UNICEF staff in Gaza. It's a very moving piece and a great contribution to our understanding of the horrible situation being faced by all Palestinians.

One of the UNICEF workers
is Sajy, a native of Gaza. Sajy said, “The whole of the Gaza Strip right now is witnessing this bombardment,” he said. “Nowhere is safe, because everybody in Gaza happens to live next to Hamas headquarters, or next to a police station, or next to a mosque, or next to somebody who belongs to Hamas.”

“The grocery stores are all empty,” said Sajy. “You cannot buy bread, you can’t buy milk, you can’t buy cheese. I know of many people who do not have food. Bread is like gold.”

Do yourself a favor - read it.

My friends, the authors, Tim Ledwith and Elizabeth Kiem, are extremely talented writers. And Elizabeth is also a very talented photo-journalist and cinematographer.

Here are a few small servings from the feast of their writings... Tim's and Elizabeth's.

They both frequently publish in the Morning News. And they both have selections in the Morning News hardbound yearly print edition.

It's on sale now.