Saturday, January 10, 2009

Unstimulated by Stimulus Package

You didn't ask me, but as a life-long left, left leaning liberal I'm used to being disappointed.

And so I was once again as I read about Obama's stimulus plan in this morning's Times.

In an act of early political appeasement, Obama is willing to give over a third of the package to tax cuts to individuals and businesses. A move that a lot of economists say won't do a thing to help move our broken economy forward. That's $300 million dollars folks! Not a penny of which will help much in fixing the problems.

In fact it might actually harm the effort.

Know why? Because a lot of people, including me, are going to sock that money away, not spend it. How does that help the economy you ask? It doesn't and that's why doing this for sake of getting a few Republicans to vote for the package is a stupid idea.

Why isn't that money being spent to employ people to fix all the streets in NYC? Or public works projects like that?

I had hoped that a few weeks
would pass into the new Obama Administration before the newly minted President made decisions that were purely politically motivated.

I was wrong.

And I remain disappointed.